The CityChurch Project is a multi-church, multi-denominational, collaborative effort aimed at sparking a movement of effective churches that foster the spiritual, social, and cultural renewal of South Florida.

While this effort primarily includes starting new churches, great importance is also placed on coming alongside established churches seeking redirection and revival.

All of our core values and activities are rooted in the gospel: the good news that through Christ, the power of God’s kingdom has entered history to renew the individual and the world. The gospel changes everything. 

The gospel is spread most effectively by starting new churches that serve underserved groups and by cultivating robust health in churches serving longstanding congregations.

The branches of our gospel vision extend to social healing, positive engagement with the city, celebration of the arts, and mentoring purpose in vocation. We also emphasize intelligibility of the message so that the gospel is accessible to anyone, and contextualization so that each unique church ministers to their community in their cultural language.

We start new churches that serve underserved groups, and we cultivate robust health in established churches.