Our Vision

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The CityChurch Project is comprised of member churches for whom church planting is central.

CityChurch Fort Lauderdale, CityChurch Pompano Beach, and Rio Vista Community Church exist to be a gospel presence in their communities, bringing worship and purpose out of a simple weekly gathering and into people’s mundane, difficult, exhilarating, and evolving lives.

Our vision of “church” has never been small. The hope and purpose in the gospel belongs in every part of life. We desire to make that intelligible and accessible to all. This is why we plant churches. Knowing that new churches are the best way to reach those who do not yet believe, we place utmost importance on this movement, and carefully discern the best way to form these new churches and the pastors who lead them. We do this with a view of serving the diverse needs in our community, making collaboration and continuous learning essential.

We want real flourishing and renewal that touches every aspect of life in South Florida.