Pastoral Residency

Much like a medical residency, the CityChurch Pastoral Residency is an attempt to bridge the gap between formal theological training at a seminary (which often lacks local embodied contextualization and church leadership oversight) and informal church-based leadership development training (which often lacks the vision, systems, or resources for holistically developing aspiring church planters).

We are excited to announce that we have selected our inaugural Resident for 2019! We will not be adding another until 2020, but we accept applications on a rolling basis.

Our Residents will be employed full time in our network for two years and prepared for full time ministry upon completion. With consideration and respect for the complexity of discerning God’s call, we are especially seeking those who feel a strong call to plant a church, particularly one aligned with our network’s vision for churches as described on our “About” pages.


The CityChurch Residency functions both as a finishing school and an incubator.

It is an immersive employment experience that allows entrepreneurial leaders to take their first steps toward pastoral ministry while being coached and encouraged every step of the way.


CityChurch Residents work under various CityChurch Pastors over the course of the two-year Residency.

Learning is hands-on and directly informs concurrent and future ministry activities. Residents receive continual feedback and direction as they work through best practices in an immersive ministry setting.


The CityChurch Residency is geared toward training candidates who are gifted to serve in the role of team leader.

This person naturally stays focused on the big picture, brings entrepreneurial energy, and keeps the team moving forward in unity.