What do we mean by Effective Churches?

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The CityChurch Project was born in response to an obvious need…

More generalized and large scale research has painted a picture of a shrinking Gospel presence in urban areas like South Florida as churches lose numbers and apathy about religion grows among those outside the church. We want to take a closer look. We want to listen and learn. We want to work creatively in a way that addresses current realities while keeping the future in sight. 

With honest insights directly from the people we desire to reach with the Gospel, we can understand the social and communication barriers that stand in the way of evangelism. We can apply new knowledge to our Great Commission and share with our evangelistic peers our findings and ideas so that all may partner in refreshed outreach. We can also work with both the new church plant and the hundred-year-old church seeking to nurture and deploy disciples to serve their communities.

Within our organization, an effective church is characterized by the following qualities:

  • It is evangelistic, adding believers to its numbers regularly (Acts 2)
  • It reproduces, making disciples who make disciples… who make disciples… who make disciples…
  • It is Gospel-centered, communicating the Gospel well and attractively
  • It understands the times and its community (Daniel 14)
  • It has gravitas and credibility in its community (Acts 2)
  • It engages with its city, loving, serving, participating in, and renewing it (Jeremiah 29)
  • It identifies and confronts cultural idols (Acts 17)